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Gathering Wild Flowers - Emile Munier

A mother feeing her baby on outdoor steps - Lunch on the Steps - Emile Munier

A naked woman at water's edge - La Baigneuse (The Bather) - Emile Munier

A young girl in a farmyard with a goat, rabbits and chickens - Emile Munier - The Naughty Goat

A mother and her baby playing in bed - Distracting the Baby - Emile Munier

A young girl knitting with a dog sitting next to her - Best of Friends - Emile Munier

A young girl holding a lamb - Young Girl with Lamb - Emile Munier

a portrait of four happy children - The New Arrival - Emile Munier

A mother and daughter praying at bedtime - Evening Prayer - Emile Munier

A young girl seated on steps with a bowl of milk