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a girl with a dog by the river - Essai de l'Eau - Emile Munier

a nude woman in a forest - Femme nu dans la Forêt - Emile Munier

Young Girl with Goat & Flowers - Emile Munier

a young girl in bed prating with two angels flying by - Anges Gardiens (Guardian Angels) - Emile Munier

A young woman picking cherries - The Cherry Tree - Emile Munier

A young girl fetching water - Gathering Water - Emile Munier

a young woman feeding birds - Feeding the Doves - Emile Munier

Deux Amours - Emile Munier

portrait of a young girl in a white dress - email munier

A mother and two daughters in a landscape - Les Confitures - Emile Munier

A young girl with a branch with berries - A Sprig of Berries - Emile Munier

A young girl with a basket of berries and birds - Coo! Young Doves. Coo! - Emile Munier