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baby Jesus with a gold halo - Jesus - Emile Munier

two cupids trying to recover their arrows from a river - Un sauvetage (The Rescue) - Emile Munier

A young girl eating food from a bowl in a landscape - La jeune paysanne - Emile Munier

a mother and two children cleaning pots and eating cherries - A Bowl of Cherries - Emile Munier

a young woman with several doves - Teasing the Doves - Emile Munier

two young women playing with a cat and kittens - Deux Filles avec un Panier de Chatons - Emile Munier

two young girls under a tree with a dog - Au Temps des Fraises (Strawberry Season) - Emile Munier

A mother with a yougn boy and girl playing with kittens - Playing with the Kittens - Emile Munier

a young girl holing a bouquet of flowers - A Pretty Bouquet - Emile Munier

The Water Nymphs - Emile Munier

A young woman reading a letter - La Lettre - Emile Munier

The Knitting Lesson - Emile Munier